The Top 5 Challenges of Failover Internet Solved

Challenge 1: There is nothing we can do when our primary Internet connection fails

Failover Internet has gone mainstream and is a great resource for businesses that depends on Internet connectivity for day-to-day transactions. RocketFailover® is one of Akative’s cornerstone product offerings available to help businesses ensure continuity challenges are left in the past. RocketFailover solutions include the iStatus® patented feature, ConnectionValidation™, directly addresses the above concern regarding feeling helpless during internet outages. ConnectionValidation constantly tests and validates that both primary and secondary Internet connections are online and ready to go when they are needed, helping businesses stay connected with confidence.

RocketFailover With iStatus Keeps You Online
View Your Connectivity Status With iStatus

Challenge 2: There is no way to immediately know the state of the primary and secondary Internet connection (online, offline, etc.)

Other failover providers promise monitoring but not every platform is created equal. Often providers are rudimentary and only monitor data usage and not the state of the primary or secondary connections. This leaves businesses in the dark wondering if their failover is truly working. RocketFailover directly addresses this concern with the included iStatus feature, ConnectionStatus™, that enables you to know if your connections are online or not. In addition, IntelligentAlerts™ are sent to you informing you when your primary or backup connection goes offline and when it’s restored – eliminating guesswork.

On top of this RocketFailover also combats a common issue known as “sticky failover.” Sticky failover tends to happen in other failover provider solutions and is when the Internet connection gets stuck in failover mode, costing businesses unnecessary data usage, extra fees, and chaos. RocketFailover is configured to automatically failover when the primary connection goes offline and automatically failback when it’s restored – minimizing your data usage and improving your network performance.

Challenge 3: When running on a failover secondary connection, we can’t see down the primary Internet pathway to diagnose and fix the problem

For many companies, when the network is running in failover mode over their secondary Internet connection they no longer have visibility down their primary connection for diagnostic purposes. Some must turn off their secondary connection to enable them to diagnose the primary connection. RocketFailover paired with iStatus directly maintains thorough visibility of the primary Internet connection when running over the secondary connection. Easy-to-use iStatus Pinpoint™ technology enables technicians to review signal traffic sent from the inside out on the failed primary connection and from the outside in on the same connection to pinpoint the cause of the failure of the primary Internet connection. This is an exclusive benefit of patented iStatus and patent-pending iStatus Pinpoint!

Pinpoint connectivity failure with iStatus
Easily view all of your locations with iStatus

Challenge 4: It’s challenging to monitor the access of each location and endpoint to primary and secondary Internet connections as well as to key local, remote and cloud digital resources

We value what we measure and we measure what we value. Business owners value knowing whether their employees do or do not have access to the Internet at any one point in time. This may require monitoring the connectivity status of many locations, and each location has many endpoints. It is often the case that a single simple-to-use tool to monitor Internet connectivity has proven elusive. Not anymore. iStatus dashboard provides a single pane of glass that enables business owners to measure real-time connectivity status of all primary/secondary Internet connections, key software applications, and business-critical network segments.

Challenge 5: Measuring wireless data usage across customers, locations and endpoints is challenging

Business owners using failover need to know the data usage of secondary Internet connections for many reasons, reconciling billing being chief among them – and many find this challenging to implement efficiently. iStatus empowers business owners with transparency across all locations and endpoints, ensuring transparency to data usage at each location. Understanding each location’s failover data usage allows businesses to make key decisions regarding performance standards, business practices, and establishes positive business continuity needed to stay competitive in today’s market.

Know your data usage