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Generate Revenue With New Connectivity as a Service™ Opportunities (Be An Akative Reseller)

Date/Time: March 2022

Attract new customers, expand your offerings, and increase your recurring revenue. Enhance your Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) capabilities. Re-engage your current customers.

Become an Akative Reseller and start offering your customers RocketFailover® (leading 4G failover solution) and utilizing iStatus® (next-gen connectivity monitoring platform) to enhance your CaaS offerings.

This free 1 hour webinar will cover:

  • Benefits/reasons to join Akative
  • CaaS generating solutions (iStatus & RocketFailover)
  • Ways to drive your revenue

Why Choose Akative?

Every business can benefit from backup Internet, and there are multiple options out there. So why partner with Akative? Simple. Akative’s RocketFailover solutions use proven devices that never sleep, are regularly updated, and provides you what no other solution can – visibility into your primary and secondary connections and network at ALL times.

Have multiple locations you want to monitor? No problem, with iStatus you can monitor them all from a single screen with the iStatus dashboard. Are you a service provider? Expand your CaaS offerings by gaining more network visibility and security with iStatus – a device and carrier agnostic solution.


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