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Our vision is to develop autonomous networks with a goal of Zero-Downtime™ by integrating any form of broadband connectivity. Akative does this by supporting autonomous, local processing in order to self-diagnose and self-heal. We thus maintain constant Internet or area network connectivity.

Whether you're an IT director looking to manage your network easier, or a business owner hoping to implement 4G LTE backup Internet at your business, Akative's diverse portfolio has you covered. We strive to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to save your business money.

Akative's Connectivity-as-a-Service™ allows us to serve as a trusted partner to some of the world's largest retailers, franchise management companies, convenience store brands, enterprise businesses, pharmacies, and IoT market leaders. If you're interested in any of our turn-key solutions or have questions about available financing options, reach out to Akative today; we're happy to help!

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With the explosion of the (Internet of Things) IoT market, increasingly more devices and applications require wireless connectivity. However, developing a consistent and reliable connection with traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be a daunting task for businesses. Businesses often face a variety of issues ranging from speed problems to unresponsive providers and increased outage time.

However, Akative products focus on making connectivity easier, more reliable, and more cost-effective than ever. Akative provides managed connectivity for IoT, backup Internet/failover, SD-WAN, VoIP, and more. Our unparalleled connectivity management portal, iStatus, helps you manage and monitor edge networking, edge computing, IoT, and traditional devices.

With intelligent engineering for multiple industries (such as hospitality, retail, SMBs, healthcare, restaurants, quick service locations, etc.) Akative products and services target specific issues associated with Internet downtime, without losing focus on the bottom-line.

Say Goodbye To Internet Downtime


Leading 4G LTE backup Internet Solutions for 24/7 connectivity

Failover With Security & Control

RocketFailover Complete Security™

Backup Internet and managed firewall solution for complex networks

iStatus network monitoring


Network and connectivity monitoring made easy

Remote Power Management

RPM (Remote Power Management)

Easily manage and troubleshoot network devices remotely

Helping Businesses From Various Industries

Convenience stores

Convenience Stores

Offices, SMBs










Mobile & Pop-up Shops

Mobile & Pop-up Shops


Construction Companies

Customer Testimonials

"In our service-based environment losing access to data due to Internet connectivity issues is not an option. Using the RocketFailover solution to ensure Internet connectivity was and continues to be the solution. The Akative team supports us well and they do what they say."

–Jeff McBrayer, Partner
Journey Technology Solutions, LLC.

"RocketFailover has been a lifesaver in our hotels. Now, when our local ISP is down, our staff are still able to check guests in and out."

–Troy Hart, CEO
Hart Family Hotels

"We operate skilled nursing care facilities and Internet connectivity is critical for our patient care. RocketFailover keeps us connected to our cloud-based electronic healthcare records system when our primary Internet service provider has an outage."

–Christy Hofsaess, Vice President of Finance
Hawkeye Care Centers of Iowa

"We own and manage several Perkins Restaurant & Bakery locations that require constant Internet connectivity during long operating hours to keep us running smoothly. The RocketFailover solution provided our restaurants with an extremely reliable Internet failover solution that keeps our businesses running 24/7."

–Andy Fellows, Director of IT
Northcott Hospitality

"Our staff and guests have experienced a noticeable improvement after we implemented RocketFailover. Now, when our primary ISP is down, staff can continue to process payments and check-in guests without any interruption. My favorite part is that the guests don't even know we are having Internet issues now! Makes for a positive experience for our guests."

–Fannie M., General Manager
Fannie M., General Manager

“We put InternetAnywhere in our construction trailer, and the entire trailer became a WiFi Hotspot for everyone. Our guys love it. It’s an innovative way to solve our consumer web access problem. Now, everyone logs onto the WiFi Hotspot whenever they want to get their reports filed.”

–Brice Sloan, CEO & Owner
Sloan Security


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