RocketFailover Appliance and iStatus Probe

Stay Operating At Peak Performance

Driven by customer satisfaction and timely production, quick service restaurants serve as a daily focal point for countless customers. With ordering systems, headsets, loop detectors, timers, and maintenance programs, QSRs have enough technology to worry about without having to struggle with Internet outages. But the reality is that outages can occur at any time and affect business transactions, ordering systems, and more. With the understanding that every customer counts, Akative has designed a full line of connectivity products to ensure that even the busiest drive-thru’s stay operating at their peak performance.

Akative’s leading Internet failover technology, RocketFailover®, proactively solves these issues for QSRs by providing PCI-compliant 4G LTE/5G backup connectivity. By keeping Internet connectivity 24/7 for stores, RocketFailover ensures that businesses operate as they should and that patrons are served quickly and efficiently. Complete with iStatus® Connection Monitoring, chain locations or franchise management can stay connected and know if store locations are up or down from the convenience of their phone.

Providing Mobile Connectivity

For mobile QSRs, such as food trucks or food stands, we also offer InternetAnywhere® technology. This mobile hotspot solution provides ‘go-anywhere’ 4G LTE/5G connectivity for food vendors. Critical during major events like fairs, conventions or sports games, vendors can’t risk not being able to process a customer’s debit or credit card transaction because they don’t have Internet. No more costly cellular solutions or cash-only customer options; InternetAnywhere is preconfigured with dependable onboard WiFi connectivity to allow mobile QSRs to process customer transitions more easily than ever.

PCI Compliant Solutions

Akative Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance scans are conducted through a secure web-based PCI Compliance Scanning portal, which is constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence and certified annually to meet all the PCI Security Standards Council requirements. We schedule and run scans for the hosts that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. If vulnerabilities are identified, you are presented with details about the vulnerabilities and remediation steps that can be used to address them. Your team can then work to resolve the findings and rescan the hosts to confirm that all identified vulnerabilities have been addressed.

QSR Connectivity Solutions

By providing easily accessible technology, we help QSRs remain an industry leader in sales and customer satisfaction. It is our hope that you will explore our featured solutions and that we can help your business leverage connectivity for further success.


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