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From pop-up shops to brick and mortar stores, retail locations all have one thing in common, customers and point of sale systems. Often we find that retailers focus heavily on their customers but neglect the very technology needed to keep customers happy and coming back. With an elevated level of competition, it’s no longer enough to provide customers with the retail that they desire, but it’s imperative that the customer experience is seamless and leaves buyers satisfied.

From start to finish, retailers need constant Internet connectivity to process business transactions, order stock, and access point of sale systems on a whim. During busy seasons, businesses can’t afford to have Internet connectivity issues. With convenient, Internet technology, Akative has developed a portfolio of connectivity solutions to keep businesses operational and connected 24/7.

RocketFailover Appliance & iStatus Probe

Stay Connected To The Internet 24/7

For brick and mortar stores, we offer one of the world’s leading 4G LTE/5G backup Internet connectivity solutions. RocketFailover® keeps stores connected to the Internet 24/7 so that in the event of an Internet outage, retail staff can continue to process customer transactions.

Keeping track of multiple aspects of multiple stores can quickly become bothersome. For franchises, or chain retailers, we offer RocketFailover with iStatus® Connection Monitoring. iStatus allows management to quickly and efficiently view the Internet connection status at any store location and assists in proactively solving Internet outage issues.

With these solutions, we make it easy to manage & monitor your edge networking/edge computing along with your IoT and traditional devices.

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PCI Compliant Solutions

Akative Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance scans are conducted through a secure web-based PCI Compliance Scanning portal, which is constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence and certified annually to meet all the PCI Security Standards Council requirements. We schedule and run scans for the hosts that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. If vulnerabilities are identified, you are presented with details about the vulnerabilities and remediation steps that can be used to address them. Your team can then work to resolve the findings and rescan the hosts to confirm that all identified vulnerabilities have been addressed.

Mobile Connectivity For Pop-up Retail

For pop-up retail locations, Akative offers our go-anywhere connectivity hotspot so that retailers may process orders and service customer transactions without the need for a hardwired Internet connection. InternetAnywhere® brings connectivity to any pop-up location and can travel along with the mobile retailer; no hassling with providers or lengthy required setup. Connect your phone, tablet, or wireless point of sale systems such as Square or Revel systems simply by plugging in InternetAnywhere.

Retail Connectivity Solutions

It is our hope that you will further explore our featured solutions and that we can help your retail stores/locations leverage connectivity for further success.


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