VitalBroadband® – When Connectivity Counts, It’s Vital

When it comes to E911 applications and emergency management, "mission-critical communications" takes on a whole new meaning. In any emergency services architecture, connectivity is key to supporting the fluid, mission-critical communication between dispatchers and first responders. Whether you’re a city or a county emergency management team, VitalBroadband™ solutions are designed to easily work with new or existing environments. With stable, reliable connectivity and technology, VitalBroadband supports E911 applications where and when it matters most.

VitalBroadband has a number of high-availability connectivity and network solutions that support Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). PSAPs (or dispatch offices)  are responsible for answering E911 calls and dispatching emergency response, such as sending police, fire departments, or ambulance responders.

Connectivity You Can Count On

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No more dealing with area Internet outages or wondering why your systems are down; VitalBroadband offers High-Availability™ (HA) and CORE™ to ensure a robust network architecture with redundant hardware. HA and CORE can also work with your existing local and cloud systems. HA™ and CORE+ are often paired together to strengthen and ensure that E911 environments have fully redundant connectivity, a redundant firewall cluster, and redundant WAN switching to eliminate connectivity downtime. We can deliver multi-carrier 4G LTE/5G to offer additional layers of redundancy with existing cable, fiber, DSL, or satellite connectivity for your locations.

For on-the-go E911 units such as ambulances, fire trucks, or blood mobiles, we offer MobileCommand™ 4G LTE/5G to keep nurses, EMTs, and staff connected to their mission-critical applications. With this mobile 4G LTE/5G hotspot, up to 50 users can connect any device without worry about signal strength, limited data, or shoddy dependability. VitalBroadband also offers a stationary 4G LTE/5G backup solution, known as RocketFailover®, to provide redundant or backup Internet connectivity to any city or county emergency management team.

VitalBroadband also offers remote network management tools such as iStatus® to monitor the connectivity status at any E911 location. With the end-to-end iStatus monitoring platform, emergency management teams can easily see if their location is having Internet connectivity issues. This allows E911 teams to resolve those issues and can quickly reboot network hardware when necessary with our Remote Power Management™ (RPM/RPM+)  solution.