InternetAnywhere Device (actual size is about 3in. by 2in.)

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In the judicial system, court reporters often work long hours to provide real-time transcripts, meet deadlines, and correspond with scopists to transcribe case notes. Often reporters are dependent upon counties for their Internet connectivity and ultimately are at the mercy of the facility. Struggling with slow public WiFi, and expensive cellular data hotspots as alternatives, court reporters face unnecessary obstacles in their everyday work.

Akative faces these connectivity obstacles head-on and has established a dependable solution called InternetAnywhere®. Designed to provide onboard WiFi connectivity for court reporters during mobile, remote, and redundant applications, InternetAnywhere is preconfigured and eliminates the need to deal with cell phone companies, or complex data plans. With dependable connectivity over the nation’s leading 4G LTE/5G networks, court reporters no longer have to worry about connectivity while traveling for business. Without breaking the bank, InternetAnywhere transforms any courtroom into a workable space with convenient hotspot capabilities.

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By providing easily accessible technology, we help court reporters remain connected when it matters most. It is our hope that you will explore more about InternetAnywhere or learn about our featured solutions. We look forward to helping you leverage Akative solutions to further your success.


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