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Employees in an office environment utilize a wide variety of tools ranging from CRM software, email, web servers, Office 365, cloud-based applications, and many more to accomplish their daily responsibilities. In today’s Internet-based world, the overwhelming majority of these tools are web or cloud-based applications that depend on Internet connectivity. When connectivity issues happen, office productivity can suffer.

Akative solves connectivity issues and makes it easy to manage & monitor your edge networking, edge computing, IoT, and traditional devices. With convenient and reliable backup Internet technology, Akative assists businesses such as real estate offices, law firms, property management offices, public works facilities, and many more SMBs and enterprise locations.

RocketFailover & iStatus Devices

Keep Your Office Running Seamlessly 24/7

From call centers to cubicles and traveling sales teams, Akative offers connectivity solutions that support simple and complex office networks. We offer one of the world’s leading 4G LTE/5G backup Internet services, RocketFailover®. RocketFailover keeps office environments connected when the Internet goes down with an automatic LTE failover connection. With RocketFailover, employees or staff won’t notice any interruptions to their connectivity and can continue to be productive.

When paired with iStatus® Connection Monitoring, we take the guesswork out of network and connectivity issues. iStatus allows offices to see exactly when, where, and why issues occurred so that you can contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get the issue resolved. iStatus is ideal for multi-location businesses or single-location businesses that want network insights all in one spot to allow for easy management.

Enable Traveling Staff To Stay Connected

Akative also offers InternetAnywhere®, our go-anywhere Internet hotspot. This is ideal for businesses or offices that have mobile salespeople that require connectivity as they travel. With our AlwaysOn™ 4G LTE/5G, InternetAnywhere is always ready whenever your connection is needed; no hassling with data, complex configurations, or setup every time.

A great option for mobile sales teams, delivery staff, or employees that work remotely is Akative RocketWAN™. RocketWAN is our secure Wide Area Network (WAN) that allows your user traffic to flow on a private 4G LTE/5G-based network. This revolutionary architecture allows you to eliminate costly VPN tunnels, expensive data, and hardware. By providing a different way to connect your business, RocketWAN allows you to dictate how much, if any, of your network, is exposed to the Internet.

Does Your Office Use A VoIP Phone System?

VoIP requires a strong, reliable Internet connection as well. In the event of an Internet outage, let Akative have your back with industry-leading SD-WAN VoIP failover services.

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Akative Solutions Help Businesses Such As:

  • Real Estate Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Tax & Accounting Firms
  • Car Dealerships & Quick-Service Businesses
  • Property Management Offices
  • Public Works & City Municipalities Offices
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Government Facilities & Auditors Offices

Business Office Connectivity Solutions

It is our hope that you will further explore our featured solutions and that we can help your business locations leverage connectivity for further success.


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