Top 10 Reasons to Partner With Akative

At Akative, we are focused on developing connectivity solutions that enable our partners to sell Connectivity as a Service™ through the means of low overhead costs with proven solutions and great data plan and carrier options. Akative partners exist across industry leaders including MSPs, ISPs, and ISVs.

1. Open doors to new opportunities and become part of the next revolution in data connectivity.

2. Provide valuable solutions for your customers that will improve their business and their bottom line.

3. Provide iStatus Dashboard™ to your customers, giving them network status information, using any smart phone or PC.

4. Monitor cloud-hosted services from any customer network 24/7

5. Establish a network security baseline for your customers with iStatus ArpWatch™.

6. Strengthen security of customer networks by offering iStatus Security™

    • Detect rogue devices on the network
    • Detect critical gateway and DNS changes
    • Detect data leaks

7. Reduce time spent troubleshooting by using iStatus Pinpoint™ to identify the exact point of connectivity failure

8. Reduce stress on customer IT Teams, by eliminating the need for them to respond to connectivity problems on nights and weekends.

9. Deliver Zero Downtime™ connectivity for Critical Business Applications using AkativeSD™.

10. Increase the value of your MSP business by developing a book of valuable recurring revenue services.

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