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As Coronavirus (COVID-19) has evolved throughout the world, a dependency on the Internet has grown. As the situation continues to evolve, you may be looking for data connectivity solutions for Mobile Healthcare, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Telehealth, logistics, police, business, or military applications.

Our MobileCommand™ solution is a managed, enterprise-class, 4G cellular Internet connection designed for mobile command centers, and emergency connectivity applications.

The service delivers a high-speed Internet connection with high reliability via a commercial grade cellular modem. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as delivering Internet access to mobile command centers, mobile users, mobile workgroups, and disaster situations. MobileCommand can be used by healthcare, government, or by military units to provide immediate connectivity with enterprise features, at affordable prices.

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Multi-Carrier 4G LTE/5G Remote Connectivity

Stay connected to the Internet no matter where you go.

Wherever Your Business Takes You, Stay Connected

Flexible data pricing with very inexpensive 4G data service means you can have MobileCommand systems in your emergency response vehicles and trailers ready-to-go any time, and anywhere you need them!

Fixed IP address options allow you to more easily create branch-office VPN connections (BOVPN) using MobileCommand.

Our integrated data tracking and monitoring app, iStatus®, gives you visibility to data used and sends alerts. iStatus can be added to allow Internet connections, cloud services, and other devices to be monitored.

How Does MobileCommand Work?

A MobileCommand device is placed in your vehicle, trailer, or building. The MobileCommand device receives a 4G LTE signal via built-in or external antennas from the cellular network. The device then provides Internet access via the LAN ports or traditional WiFi technology using the onboard hotspot.

The MobileCommand device is a specialized cellular modem that has many features allowing it to be a much better choice than consumer-grade devices. 

Multi-Carrier Redundancy

Akative is the only one able to offer multi-carrier redundancy and multi-SIM solutions. By partnering with both AT&T and Verizon we are able to provide 4G LTE connections via one or both carriers. With a multi-carrier connection, you gain some powerful advantages that you aren’t able to get with a single-carrier connection.

Multi-Carrier Advantages

Having access to both carriers makes it possible for you to load balance traffic between the two carriers. You could also use the second carrier as a backup 4G LTE connection should the primary carrier you use has an issue.

If you have a mobile unit, like a mobile command center, having access to both AT&T and Verizon ensures that you have more coverage throughout the US. With the ability to switch between both carriers, you can always ensure that you use the strongest available connection.

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iStatus® & iStatus® NPM™

Akative makes connectivity monitoring easier than ever with iStatus. View your connections, monitor usage, and verify backup connections are ready, all in one unified platform. Easily access iStatus anywhere you go from your smartphone.

iStatus Network Performance Monitoring (NPM), an add-on license for iStatus, enables you to monitor what was previously logistically challenging and expensive with easy and at a massive cost savings. With the power to monitor key cloud applications, LAN & WAN applications, Internet connectivity, Internet congestion, and more.

Flexible Options To Fit Your Requirements & Budget

Need WiFi? High-redundancy? Or need a 12-volt operation? What about flight cases/travel cases? No problem!
  • Onboard WiFi for easy MobileCommand implementation.
  • Multi-Carrier redundancy, and multi-SIM solutions that enable you to switch between, or load balance traffic between, AT&T and Verizon.
  • Support for 115v (AC) operation or 12-volt battery operated (DC) operation with the use of a 12-volt adapter, or 12-volt inverter or battery-based portable power solution.
  • Easily installed magnetic antennas or permanent vehicle-mounted antenna solutions are available.
  • NAT, or IP pass-through operation, allows you to use our 4G device as a NAT firewall or allows our service to deliver an external IP to a firewall that you manage.
  • Hard-case or soft-case based solutions allow you to keep all the bits and pieces in one easy-to-deploy solution.
  • High-availability solutions are available with preconfigured redundant firewall clusters supporting any number of broadband, 4G, wireless, or satellite connections.
  • iStatus connectivity monitoring monitors all of your Internet connections tracking uptime, data usage, SD-WAN traffic flows, network congestion, signal strength, congestion, & more.
  • iStatus NPM™ is a software license for iStatus, allowing you to monitor local devices, cloud services, and connections. NPM also generates alerts and reports.

Multi-Carrier 4G LTE/5G Remote Connectivity

Stay connected to the Internet no matter where you go.

Why Choose MobileCommand™?