Our Mission

Akative® products were created to help businesses stay connected and operate in today's changing landscape. With dedicated teams and solutions, we deliver on that promise 365 days per year.

Our mission is to help businesses stay online by delivering simple, powerful Akative Autonomous Connectivity™ solutions. With a goal of Akative Zero Downtime™, Akative aims to transform the connectivity market for all businesses.  

Ushering In New Connectivity

In today’s dynamic technology landscape, it is the companies that make the right technology investments that have the competitive edge. Autonomous technologies have the potential to bring massive transformation and benefits across industries, given the rate at which they are developing. As businesses depend on connectivity now more than ever, the innovation of autonomous technology is critical to refine and improve network capabilities that businesses depend on for operations.

On the cusp of the fifth industrial revolution, Akative aims to pioneer and deliver fully autonomous, self-healing connectivity systems with the goal of reducing or eliminating the need for human intervention when failures occur. This distinct advantage eliminates downtime for businesses and simultaneously reduces labor costs commonly associated with connectivity challenges.

About Us

Our mission is to deliver interconnected technologies that keep businesses online using any means necessary. Akative does this by supporting autonomous, local processing to self-diagnose and self-heal in order to maintain constant Internet or area network connectivity. Powered by 4G LTE/5G and LEO (low Earth orbit) Satellite-based backup Internet connectivity, Akative enables fully diverse, redundant connections for business, with autonomous (automatic) connection switching.

With patented and patent-pending technology, Akative helps businesses leverage connectivity for restaurants, franchise retailers, government/ healthcare entities, and other applications. Akative has cutting-edge technology and support for businesses of all types and sizes. We work hard to provide exceptional products and extraordinary service. It is our hope that you will explore our solutions and that we can help your organization leverage
connectivity to further your success.


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