Akative Vs DIY Devices

What Makes Akative Better Than DIY Devices

End-To-End Connectivity That WORKS For Your Business

Akative provides end-to-end connectivity solutions with everything essential for 4G LTE and 5G business needs.

DIY solutions can sometimes save your business money but cutting corners with your connectivity is not the answer. Rather than gamble with a one-size fit all package or cheap device from Amazon, and hope it works for your business, choose a proven solution.

Akative provides everything needed for a cost-effective failover solution – hardware, data, monitoring, and friendly support. We ensure you get the right answer the first time (correct device, monitoring, configurations, and data plan) to eliminate any frustration associated with adding backup internet to your business.

Akative’s backup Internet (failover) and SD-WAN connectivity reduce your MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery) by identifying issues and keeping you informed. Plus, using patented iStatus® ConnectionValidation™, your connectivity is tested without taking down the whole network. Have confidence in your 24/7 connectivity and read more on how Akative solutions stand out below.

Akative Vs DIY Devices

FeaturesAkativeDIY Devices
Hardware qualityEnterprise-grade hardware designed for AlwaysOn™ failover business use cases. Enjoy stronger connectivity than consumer-grade & receive hardware updates.Varies depending on the hardware vendor and how long ago the device was released on the market, the older the release the shorter longevity of the device.
Off-the-shelf, one-size fits all solutionsNo, solutions are customized to meet your needsYes, all are the same; no customization
Device configuration to meet your network needsPreconfigured for youIf hardware is configurable, you are responsible
Configuration sensitivity & failover threshold for stable connectivityYesNo
Solutions include hardware & data neededYesNo, usually must acquire data separately
Multi-carrier data options (devices multi-carrier certified)YesNot usually
Data pooling across carriers & locationsYesNo
Data usage monitoringYesNo, must get from carrier
Online/offline statusYesMaybe
Visibility of your connection(s)Yes – with patented ConnectionValidation™ you can concurrently monitor all connections regardless of carrier/ISPMaybe; if yes, it is limited to only the active connection
Tests & validates connections to ensure they are workingYes, with patented ConnectionValidation™No
Solutions help you identify & resolve connectivity issuesYesNo
Static IP AvailableIncluded as needed; multi-carrier options availableMaybe, but will cost extra
SD-WAN FlowTracking™ & SD-WAN support for services like VoIPYesIf possible, must figure out yourself
Solutions include security featuresYesNo
Solutions can meet PCI/HIPAA compliancesYesMaybe
Offers external antenna optionsYesMaybe
Offer installation & setup helpYesNo
Fully managed with device & security updates for optimal & secure performanceYes, Akative fully manages the device/softwareNo, hardware may get updates, but you are responsible for all management
Provides carrier supportYes, speak directly with our techniciansYou must go through carrier's call center with a wait time
Provides hardware supportYes, speak directly with our techniciansDepends on the device and hardware vendor; most devices purchased from Amazon/off-the-shelf do not have support
Provides monitoring supportYes, speak directly with our techniciansNo
Device lifecycle & replacementAkative manages & plans aheadYou are responsible for
WarrantyOffers Forever Warranty™Limited 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Who handles carrier connectivity issuesAkative through carrier's enterprise support deskYou through the carrier's standard/consumer support desk
Core business/primary focusEnd-to-end 4G LTE/5G connectivity solutions & supportHardware vendors & retailers focus on selling products
Cares if the solution works for your businessYesNo
Unify all the components needed for a successful failover solution that works for your business with Akative and enjoy the simplicity of one provider, one bill, and one great solution!

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Akative offers 4G LTE, 5G, & Unlimited data plans with our failover solutions. Check for service to see what's available for your location.