Connectivity Dedicated For Point-Of-Sale Systems

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The Problem

Internet connectivity and point-of-sale (POS) systems are the pulse that keeps most businesses alive. It’s how online orders are placed/shipped, how orders get from the wait staff to the kitchen, how customers check out with their new favorite pair of shoes, and so much more. But when the Internet goes down, business connectivity stops, customers get upset, and you lose revenue. If your business offers to-go orders, online bookings, and reservations, or VoIP (Internet-based) phone systems, then the issue gets even worse.

The Solution

Akative’s RocketFailover® solutions not only include backup Internet options with 4G LTE/5G failover, but they easily integrate with some of the most widely used point-of-sale (POS)  and cloud POS systems on the market. So whether you’re a restaurant owner, a franchisor managing several businesses, or a front-of-house manager, RocketFailover can keep your business(es) online and your customers happy.

With RocketFailover, when an Internet outage occurs, the first thing you do is well… nothing. RocketFailover has automatic failover and failback capabilities, so when your primary connection goes offline, you may never even notice. If you do want to notice any outages, we’ve got a solution for that too called iStatus® Network Monitoring. It detects outages and sends you alerts when action is required to keep you in the know about your business.

And the best part? iStatus comes with RocketFailover packages and BOTH easily integrate with just about any point-of-sale (POS) system. They’re pre-configured, easy to install, and truly work to keep customer transactions PCI compliant.

Please browse the list of our most popular point-of-sale system compatibilities or reach out to set up a demo today:

Touch Bistro
Upserve by Lightspeed
Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale
Revel Systems
Rezku POS
Shopify POS
NCR Sliver Point of Sale
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Dedicated Failover/Backup Internet For POS

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