Never Miss A Beat - Why Businesses Need The Unmatched Performance Of 5G

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Given the critical role of customer transactions in driving employee productivity and overall business profitability, ensuring seamless connectivity is paramount. Without continued maintenance on your cellular devices, the reliability of your connectivity may fluctuate, potentially impacting your business’s economic posture. ISPs, while essential, are not always 100% dependable, making the upgrade to 5G even more crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operations and safeguarding your business’s bottom line.

As cellular carriers continue to upgrade their tower bands and signals to accommodate the transition to 5G technology, it’s important to note that these advancements may impact the performance of legacy cellular failover devices. While gen-1 4G devices have been popular and served the market well, recent tower improvements are making businesses address service degradation as cellular networks evolve. Given that all cellular devices typically have a 5-7 year lifecycle due to the continual evolution of cellular towers, it’s become a standard practice to refresh technology to ensure optimal performance.

Integrating 5G devices into any business continuity and lifecycle management plan is advantageous, as their latest antennas, speeds, circuit boards, and internal technologies allow them to adapt not only to changing cellular bands but also to evolving SIM card varieties such as eSIM, iSIM, and vSIM, ensuring future-proof connectivity solutions for businesses.

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Akative encourages all businesses to consider taking advantage of the latest 5G devices while pricing is favorable and supplies are readily available. Upgrading to 5G technology future-proofs your connectivity for today’s evolving cellular landscape. By embracing 5G now, you can enhance your connectivity and stay ahead of the curve before your existing devices reach their end of life and potentially cease functioning altogether.

As a further incentive, it’s worth noting that the superior speed and reliability of 5G technology make it particularly well-suited for business-grade applications and the swift execution of transactions critical to your operations, ensuring that your business remains agile and competitive.

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