Reduce Your Work From Home Stress With RocketFailover® & Say Goodbye To Internet Downtime

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We’ve all experienced the frustration of our home Internet failing. It fails, then you go through the normal routine of rebooting everything and pray. When that doesn’t work, you call into your IT department who helps determine the cause of your failure. You then contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You spend precious time on-hold, suffer through finding your account, and explain your Internet is down to multiple people. You’re then told “someone will be out in one or two days to check on your problem. They give you the standard five-hour window, when they will be there between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm”. Lucky you, you’re now locked-in to change your plans just so that you can get back online.

Meanwhile, now that you’re working from home, when your Internet fails, you may not get paid, and the projects you’re working on fall behind. Customers may become upset, and generally, it just sucks having no Internet.

The good news is that life doesn’t have to be like this!

RocketFailover has easy-to-install solutions that provide a backup Internet connection for those times when your normal connection fails.

With RocketFailover, when the normal connection goes down, your connection automatically switches-over to use 4G LTE/5G. In-short, your computer, phone, and everything else continue to operate normally. RocketFailover includes built-in iStatus® monitoring technology, so you get an email telling you that your connection is operating on 4G LTE/5G.

Say Goodbye To Internet Downtime, & Reduce Your Stress With RocketFailover!


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