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From pay-at-the-pump options to buying coffee and snacks for on-the-go, convenience stores and gas stations have evolved to meet the needs of both leisure travelers as well as local commuters. But the buck doesn’t stop there; convenience stores are now expected to step up their game when it comes to a seamless customer transaction as well.

One common issue that plagues convenience stores and their patrons are Internet outages. Hate them? We do too. Outages occur unexpectedly and often at the most inopportune times, leaving staff to deal with disgruntled customers and struggling to get inventory management completed on time. When connectivity fails, point of sale systems (POS systems) can’t process transactions, and convenience stores and gas stations risk losing valued customers at the pump too. Productivity slips and revenue often suffers.

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What Does Internet Downtime Mean for Your Store?

Over half of companies report negative impacts to their reputation due to Internet outages. In a market saturated with competitors, every customer matters. That’s why we offer RocketFailover® to mitigate these effects. RocketFailover offers backup Internet connectivity with automatic connection failover, over the fastest 4G LTE networks in the nation. This easy-to-install solution features 4G LTE data service, sleek hardware, easy integration into any existing network and patent-pending iStatus® Connection Monitoring. With these solutions, we make it easy to manage & monitor your edge networking/edge computing along with your IoT and traditional devices.

By offering convenience stores an option to ensure connectivity, staff can continue to process transactions, send regular business communications and access critical systems such as vital inventory management systems. By improving operational efficiency and enhancing store performance, owners and staff can focus on other areas of store management.

How To Get Started?

For assistance in getting started on your RocketFailover journey, we recommend starting with one of the options below. We are happy to help you gain more information. Discover how RocketFailover is working for a convenience store just like yours in our featured case study below.

PCI Compliant Solutions

Akative Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance scans are conducted through a secure web-based PCI Compliance Scanning portal, which is constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence and certified annually to meet all the PCI Security Standards Council requirements. We schedule and run scans for the hosts that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. If vulnerabilities are identified, you are presented with details about the vulnerabilities and remediation steps that can be used to address them. Your team can then work to resolve the findings and rescan the hosts to confirm that all identified vulnerabilities have been addressed.

PCI Compliant

RocketFailover Solutions


Simple Failover for Any Business

– Starting at $29.95/Month

Autopilot Device

The most versatile solution, Autopilot is built to work with any existing network while managing failover and providing 4G Internet connection in seconds. Autopilot is a high-performance solution made for smaller businesses and branch offices.

  • Works with any existing router, even if it does not support multiple Internet connections.

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Built for Multi-Site Businesses

– Starting at $19.95/Month

Fusion Device

Designed for multi-site businesses, Fusion allows you to utilize your existing firewall with RocketFailover. It’s a low-cost option for businesses who already have dual-WAN capable firewalls or businesses who have more complex networking needs.

  • For networks with an existing business-grade firewall that supports failover and more than one Internet connection.

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Failover and WiFi for Retail Environments

– Starting at $69.95/Month

Complete Device

Complete is for a less complicated network and replaces a stand-alone router. It functions as a multipurpose device that provides managed failover and 4G Internet with improved security capabilities. 


  • For retail environments, Complete functions as both a router and failover device with the added capability of being able to deploy WiFi.

Complete Security™

Total Security and Control

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Complete Security Device

Complete Security is a turnkey solution that includes a fully-managed firewall and hardware and is created to meet the performance, security, and technical needs of any business. Complete Security is an engineered solution to work with complex networking needs.

  • For customers that need network security and management provided to them in addition to the RocketFailover connection.
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RocketFailover C-Store Case Study

Featured Case Study

Protecting Customers When It Counts


With both in-store and fuel dispensed credit card transactions occurring thousands of times each day, the convenience store industry in the U.S. serves almost 160 million customers daily. With fuel and food service largely dependent on Internet connectivity, ensuring customer satisfaction can be tiring as well as logistically challenging. But what if I told you we could take some of those operational burdens off your plate? Did you know that Akative™ offers revolutionary technology to not only assist in better customer transactions but to ensure PCI compliance as well?

Let’s take a look at what our solution means for you.

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Complimentary Case Studies

How To Get Started?

For assistance in getting started on your RocketFailover journey, we recommend starting with one of the options below. We are happy to help you gain more information. Discover how RocketFailover is working for a convenience store just like yours in our featured case study below.