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VoIP Systems Need A Strong, Reliant Internet Connection

Businesses today can’t function without a reliable means of communication. As the Internet has evolved and become universally available, so has VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  VoIP is the transmission of phone calls over the Internet, instead of using traditional telephone landlines. This method of business communication is often preferred by SMBs, call centers, and enterprises due to its low cost, scalability, and convenient functionality.

While VoIP systems have some advantages over traditional analog phones, this method requires a strong and reliable Internet connection to function. In the event of an Internet outage, service degradation, or network congestion, a VoIP system will go down, resulting in dropped calls, missed calls, lost or distorted speech in conversations, and/or upset customers. To mitigate these hassles for businesses, Akative offers backup Internet service with truly seamless failover for the most conscientious VoIP users.

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Stay online with RokcetFailover

4G LTE Connectivity for Mission Critical VoIP

RocketFailover® offers businesses a solution for Internet outages to keep VoIP systems online and keep employees productive 24/7. With complete, easy-to-install hardware, RocketFailover provides Internet redundancy over 4G LTE, automatic connection failover/failback, 4G LTE data service, and iStatus® Connection Monitoring. By utilizing RocketFailover, businesses ensure that VoIP calls aren’t dropped and SD-WAN edge infrastructure remains online.  

When paired with iStatus connection monitoring, iStatus gives IT staff or management key insight on all Internet connections in one convenient dashboard — no more guessing if Internet backup connections are ready. ConnectionValidation™, a patented iStatus feature, allows backup and primary connections to be continuously validated so that in the event of an outage, you know your business will remain connected. This winning Akative combination is ideal for businesses that depend on VoIP daily.

Additionally, iStatus Network Performance Monitoring (NPM), an add-on license for iStatus, delivers massive savings versus competing solutions. With the power to monitor up to 10 network targets, NPM can monitor your VoIP appliances, detect intermittent and sustained congestion, and notify you of issues. A target consists of one IP address, hostname, or website monitored via PING/HTTP/HTTPS.

How Can SD-WAN Failover Improve My Business?

With our SD-WAN technologies, Akative can automatically route specific traffic based on the performance of your network connections. SD-WAN routes Internet traffic that’s high-priority and/or latency-sensitive, such as VoIP and video conferencing, over high-quality WAN connections. What this means for your business is that VoIP call quality isn’t lost and there’s no call lagging, intelligibility issues, or lost speech during conversations. If your VoIP connection is experiencing jitter, latency, or several other triggers, Akative solutions automatically transition only your VoIP traffic to your 4G backup connection until your primary ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues are resolved. This process is done seamlessly without dropping calls or quality and will automatically reroute VoIP traffic back to the primary connection once the quality of that connection improves. By enabling SD-WAN, your business upholds the highest customer service standards and maintains a professional sound during critical business communications.

VoIP Connectivity Solutions

It is our hope that you will further explore our featured solutions and that we can help your business locations leverage connectivity for furthered success. Reach out to us today to design a tailored SD-WAN VoIP solution for your business!



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