Akative Mobile Internet Solution Integrates Seamlessly with Newmar

Newmar Integrates with InternetAnywhere, Mobile Internet & WiFi Hotspot

InternetAnywhere integrates with Newmar

Newmar Corporation, a luxury vehicle company specializing in RVs, integrates seamlessly with Akative’s InternetAnywhere. InternetAnywhere offers a reliable remote WiFi connection for motorcoaches of all kinds, including Newmar RVs. Stay on the road with a reliable connection. Learn more here.​

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RVers Internet and WiFi Solution For The:

Motorhome, Coach, RV


Campsite, Campground


open road, on-the-go

Open Road/On-The-Go

travel trailer, camper

Travel Trailer/Camper

Mobile Internet For Your RV/Camper

Easily Add 4G Cellular Internet With A WiFi Hotspot To Your Home On Wheels