Akative Failover Solution Integrates with MFA & 2FA Solutions

Okta Integrates with RocketFailover Backup Internet

RocketFailover integrates with Okta

M2A and 2FA systems are an amazingly easy way to enhance your organization’s security by requiring multiple approval points to access accounts. Regardless of what your preferred MFA/2FA method is, it requires Internet access to verify user/account logins. So if your business loses Internet, you are unable to access your accounts, devices, and files that use MFA/2FA. Okta seamlessly integrates with RocketFailover, effectively keeping these systems online so you have unlimited access to your accounts. Learn more about RocketFailover.​

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Stay online with Akative failover solutions and use MFA to:

increase security

Increase Security

Reduce compromised passwords risks

Reduce Compromised Passwords Risks 

access control systems

Control Access to Devices & Accounts 

Meet Compliances

Meet Compliances

Failover That Works With Your Business

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