Akative Failover Solution Integrates with SonicWall

SonicWall Integration with RocketFailover Backup Internet

SonicWall Integrates with RocketFailover

RocketFailover 4G LTE/5G backup Internet, integrates smoothly with SonicWall firewalls for branches and enterprises of all sizes. Offering failover for next-generation firewalls of all kinds, RocketFailover is a reliable solution to make sure your business stays secure and protected. Failover is paramount in a business’s risk-management and security platforms. Learn more about what works for your network by visiting here.

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Seamlessly integrate Akative failover solution with SonicWall and continue to provide vital network security services such as:

risk management


stop phishing attacks

Phishing Defense

Core networking protections

Core Networking Protections

Monitor, manage, and optimize your network

Monitor, Manage, & Optimize 

Block malware

Block Malware

breach detection

Breach Detection

Failover That Works With Your Business

Speak with one of our Akative Representatives to identify the best failover solution that integrates with your business.