Akative Failover Solution Integrates Seamlessly with Toast

Toast Integrates with RocketFailover Backup Internet

RocketFailover integrates with Toast

RocketFailover 4G LTE/5G backup Internet, integrates smoothly with Toast POS systems. Keep your restaurant POS system up and running without fail when paired with RocketFailover. Optimize restaurant operations and integrate point-of-sale systems with Internet failover. Learn more about what works for your network by visiting with an Akative Representative.​

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Seamlessly integrate Akative failover solution with Toast to stay online 24/7 and continue to successfully:

online ordering

Process Online Ordering

streamline operations

Streamline Operations

Customer Experience

 Aid Positive Customer Experience

inventory management

Perform Inventory Management

Cloud Application

Access Cloud Applications

management tools

Use Management Tools

Failover That Works With Your Business

Speak with one of our Akative Representatives to identify the best failover solution that integrates with your business.