Firewalls Compatible With RocketFailover Solutions

Integrating Your Firewall Type With RocketFailover 4G LTE/5G Backup Internet

Many companies have a backup generator “just in case.” Similarly, Internet-dependent companies need a backup Internet connection to ensure business continuity.

But how can your business determine what backup Internet solution will work with your existing firewall and network? If your business doesn’t have a firewall, can it still implement RocketFailover?

The good news is yes! We have solutions that are engineered to work with almost all firewalls and even networks that don’t have a firewall.

The Importance of Considering Your Existing Firewall Hardware

A business’s existing network needs and firewall determine a lot of whether or not a failover solution will be compatible and fruitful in solving Internet outages. One of the challenges of a network is the firewall’s built-in capabilities to control traffic routing, such as policy routing, WAN failover, and SD-WAN abilities.

Determining your type of network traffic (be that VoIP phone systems, point of sale registers, etc.) is also critical to know if your firewall can support the routing needed to failover your different types of traffic.

In short, although there are several key factors to consider, the good news is that Akative’s RocketFailover solutions can integrate with nearly any type of firewall that your business may have.

Most Popular Compatible Firewall Types

Network and traffic requirements may change which solution is best for your business network. Please discuss your specific needs with an Akative Representative to ensure your selected failover solution is right for you.

*Firewalls may require special engineering or may have sticky failover due to configuration limitations. Please discuss accordingly with an Akative Representative to determine the best solution for your business.

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Special Firewall Limitations and Considerations

Suppose a firewall lacks the ability to do policy routing. In that case, you can’t have visibility to your network and know if the failover connection is working or not. Akative can solve this with patented ConnectionValidation™ to run and verify the secondary or the primary Internet connections to give you visibility that would otherwise be lacking.

If a firewall lacks WAN capabilities, a challenge known as sticky failover may present itself. Sticky failover is when an outage occurs, and the business gets stuck using the failover or backup Internet connection even when the primary connection resumes at a stable level. Sticky failover can cost enterprises unnecessary data.

If a firewall lacks SD-WAN capabilities, you might not have granular control over your network traffic. Meaning you can’t failover select portions of your most important traffic such as VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems. To solve this, we offer RocketFailover Complete Security™ that has an SD-WAN capable firewall included and can be paired with AkativeSD™ to allow for this specific SD-WAN configuration in the firewall.

To address these types of concerns on your network or product selection, be sure to reach out to an Akative Representative.