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Straight Forward

Straight Forward

We value trust and transparency with our channel sales partners. Thus, we've made our partnership opportunities easy to implement and understand.



We want our channel sales partners to thrive. We provide dependable sales and technical support along with training and exclusive education and sales material (hosted on our Partner Portal).

Enrich Your Portfolio

We want to enable you to offer high-value Connectivity as a Service™ with AI-powered iStatus Management Platform and leading connectivity solutions to diversify and strengthen your portfolio for your clients.

Generate More Revenue!

Discover how partnering with Akative brings you new Connectivity as a Service™ opportunities.

How Akative is Empowering MSPs, ISPs, & ISVs

MSPs face the daunting challenge of dealing with many customers in many locations.  These customers are using multiple brands of equipment and multiple data carriers.  At Akative, we aim to make our partners stronger and hope to ease your day-to-day client management with an all-encompassing portfolio of connectivity solutions.

Akative’s iStatus Connectivity Management Platform integrates all your need-to-know client data into one easy-to-access platform. iStatus is:

  • Carrier Agnostic
  • Hardware Agnostic
  • ISP Agnostic
  • Geographically Unconstrained
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Reduce labor costs

Improve Support Efficiency & Reduce Overhead Costs

Akative's solutions can help you improve your support capabilities while also reducing your cost to maintain your customers.

  • Use Akative's 4G LTE/5G solutions (such as RocketFailover) as a backdoor to provide remote support to your customers
  • Use iStatus to reduce or even eliminate the need to troubleshoot connectivity issues in order to resolve them
  • Use iStatus to monitor all of your customers on a single dashboard screen

Save Gas. Save Time. SAVE MONEY.

Top 10 Reasons To Partner With Akative

Akative Offers A Wealth of Advantages


iStatus Connectivity as a Service™

iStatus Connectivity Management Platform allows MSPs, ISVs, and ISPs to offer iStatus Connectivity as a Service™ to better manage customers, generate new recurring revenue, and help improve business-critical applications. iStatus has many patented and patent-pending unrivaled features that enable providers with connectivity, support, and precise troubleshooting.

Leading Technology

Leading Technology

Akative is the creator of the leading Internet failover solution in the US for SD-WAN, VoIP, IoT, High Availability (HA) needs, and many more applications! Each failover solution comes with iStatus - our multi-location monitoring platform that contains patented and patent-pending technology. No other company can provide this unique and unbeatable combination.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of experts continuously managing, innovating new features, and providing support for all of our solutions. When you call for Akative support, whether it’s for help with sales or a technical issue, you will always chat with one of our friendly team members not a robot or third party call center.



Akative provides everything required for an Internet failover solution: the hardware, configuration, data, monitoring platform, Remote Power Management (RPM), and more. Even better, every solution is customized to meet the needs of your customers’ unique network requirements!

Increase Bottom Line

Increase Your Profitability

Becoming a channel sales partner allows you to maintain your relationship with your customers while enjoying partner pricing or earning a commission off of sold solutions. Whether you are a reseller or an agent, gain happy customers and an increase in your bottom line!

Partnership Opportunities

We offer two partnership opportunities for channel sales and independent sales models. We welcome businesses of all sizes and industries to partner with us, especially those providing their customers with services that rely on Internet connectivity like Voice over IP (VoIP), Point of Sale (POS) systems, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Internet of Things (IoT), and more. Everyone needs reliable Internet connectivity!

Authorized Resellers:Reseller

As an Akative Authorized Reseller, you will sell Akative failover solutions and make recurring revenue with each solution you sell. Resellers are the point of contact for any failover solution that they sell. This includes providing installations, Tier 1 support, and end-user billing. Akative supports you, as a reseller, by providing you with our easy-to-navigate partner portal, sales support, education, advice, and Tier 2 and 3 support.


  • Recurring revenue to grow your bottom line
  • Onboarding & continuing education
  • Access to Akative support
  • Access to our Partner Portal
  • Exclusive marketing & sales resources
  • Akative partner discounts

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Akative Agents:Agents

As an Akative Agent, you will market Akative solutions to your customers, submitting request quotes on your customers’ behalf, and receive monetary compensation for won deals. Agents are not responsible for managing the failover solution, providing support, nor billing the customer for failover services.



  • Competitive Spiff / Commission Program
  • Marketing Resources
  • Access to Akative support
  • “Hands-free” confidence - Akative ensures all referred customers’ needs are met quickly & efficiently

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