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Need BCAs To Continuously Run Smoothly

Businesses today rely on (cloud-based) business critical applications (BCAs) that simply cannot be down. Services such as VoIP (Voice over IP), electronic medical record systems for hospitals, online registration for hotels, online point of sale and credit card transactions, and many more services affect customers and business operations.

As businesses have implemented BCAs, they rely on Internet service providers (ISPs) to provide quality of service to enable their applications to run smoothly. With that said, it is very common for ISPs to encounter congestion, which can cause BCAs to fail or work so poorly that they are unusable. This ultimately results in businesses losing money but can be solved with AkativeSD.


Keep Your Business Critical Applications Running Smoothly

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SD-WAN Solutions

How Businesses Are Overcoming ISP Issues

Businesses have started to adopt software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions. These solutions hold the promise of allowing a business to implement multiple Internet connections and allow the SD-WAN device to ‘steer’ traffic over the most appropriate connection, based on the performance needed for critical applications.

When Would I Use AkativeSD?

If your business uses VoIP, SD-WAN edge, or other business critical applications, AkativeSD™ will enable you to quickly deploy a solution to improve the performance of your critical applications and also provide 4G LTE/5G backup Internet connectivity when needed. AkativeSD enables you to achieve Akative Zero Downtime™ by combining 4G LTE/5G connectivity, iStatus monitoring, and alerts with iStatus FlowTracking™. In addition, AkativeSD can also act as your WAN edge infrastructure, edge gateway, and backup Internet by adding an enterprise-class SD-WAN firewall to the solution.

AkativeSD is a fully managed solution and enables companies to quickly implement SD-WAN based solutions that combine multiple Internet Service Providers and 4G LTE/5G connections. This allows your firewall to steer mission-critical traffic to use the best connection available resulting in improved performance and quality for your business critical applications.

How AkativeSD™ Can Enhance Your Business

For example, say a restaurant is using cloud-based point of sale (POS) system and has a single Internet connection which is shared with many facets of the business. Whenever the Internet is congested (slow), the POS system fails, resulting in unhappy customers.

To solve the problem, the restaurant installs AkativeSD, providing a complete SD-WAN solution that can route the critical POS traffic over a 4G LTE/5G-based connection whenever the primary Internet experiences congestion.

After AkativeSD is installed, the POS system works reliably without any intervention from the IT team or the restaurant staff. Business continuity is maintained, customers are happy, IT is happy, managers are happy, and costs are managed.

AkativeSD also includes iStatus monitoring which provides traffic-flow and downtime alerts to the IT team and key stakeholders to alert them of relevant events.

AkativeSD Network Diagram

iStatus® FlowTracking™ - Traffic Flow Monitoring For SD-WAN Implementations

Major VoIP providers have expressed ongoing challenges when implementing VoIP service for their customers due to unpredictable Internet service. While their technology could be working flawlessly, the ISPs used by their customers frequently have congestion and service-affecting performance that cause VoIP calls to fail.

AkativeSD and iStatus FlowTracking were developed to solve these issues. AkativeSD is an inexpensive, turn-key solution that solves the problem of poorly performing ISPs by routing VoIP traffic over 4G LTE/5G when primary connections are degraded.

iStatus FlowTracking

Using iStatus FlowTracking, SD-WAN traffic flows can be observed. This allows you to know how your SD-WAN rules are performing using time-correlated timelines, providing uptime state information for all of your Internet connections as well as the status of RocketFailover.

CaaS Support

Add Managed Connectivity as a Service

Akative CaaS support can be added to any Akative failover solution. CaaS provides eyes-on monitoring of your connectivity and connectivity resolution support services. When connections fail, Akative can provide complete end-to-end support, remediating the issue, or can provide various levels of support to assist your team in resolving connectivity issues. By using the CaaS support team at Akative, you directly reduce your labor costs and dramatically reduce your MTTR (Mean Time To Recover) in the event of a connection failure.

Keep Your Business Critical Applications Running Smoothly

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