Ready To Offload Your Connectivity Management?

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Enabling Next-Gen Connectivity as a Service

Over the past few decades, the Internet has gone from being a thing you connected to, to a thing we depend on to always be available. Technology has advanced from modems to broadband, direct-fiber, 4G LTE, 5G, and now worldwide high-speed satellite connectivity. 

At Akative, we focus on developing iStatus® to be the world's best connectivity management platform that enables businesses with Connectivity as a Service™. iStatus enables MSPs, ISPs, ISVs, Government, Military, and everyday businesses to quickly integrate connectivity of any type, across thousands of customers, with hundreds of thousands of locations using a variety of hardware and data vendors.

iStatus CaaS (Connectivity as a Service) provides eyes-on management and monitoring of all business-critical applications and connectivity. With CaaS, Akative acts as a single partner for the management and support related to each aspect of your business connectivity.

How iStatus CaaS is Empowering MSPs, ISPs, & ISVs

iStatus integrates information from data carriers with information from hardware vendors with real-time and historical network monitoring, customer information, and our iStatus platform.

If we look at a typical service provider, they have a variety of customers. Those customers each have unique needs with unique data requirements, and they may have a preference for specific cellular providers and hardware providers. iStatus enables the MSP to deploy a consistent monitoring and management layer across their whole customer base.

In short, iStatus is the glue that allows MSPs, ISVs, and ISPs to offer Connectivity as a Service to better manage customers and help improve business-critical applications.