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Discover if DualFailover is right for your business!

Cost-Effective 4G LTE/5G Multi-Carrier Internet

DualFailover® allows edge devices with a single cellular modem to automatically failover (connect) to a secondary cellular carrier in the event that connectivity to the primary carrier is lost for any reason. When DualFailover is deployed, the cellular device is configured to utilize one SIM card that is designated as the primary connection/carrier. In the event that connectivity is lost to the primary carrier, DualFailover will wait 5 minutes and then failover to the secondary connection/carrier using a second SIM card.

After a pre-determined time running on the backup connection, DualFailover will fail back to the primary carrier and the secondary SIM will be deactivated until it’s needed again. In addition, DualFailover integrates with iStatus® so that you can track data usage across multiple carriers and monitor the active carrier so that you know which carrier is in use.

DualFailover is a cost-effective way that enables ISPs, ISVs, OEMs, and MSPs to stay connected to their devices. Furthermore, DualFailover eliminates time and money spent on truck rolls when cellular connectivity failures occur.