iStatus ChangeDetection™

Detect Critical Network Security Changes

Identify Misconfigurations

Identify Misconfigurations

Halt Attacks

Halt Possible Cyber Attacks

Protect Your Network

Maintain Your Network Security

React Proactively & Keep Your Network Secure

Maintain the security of your network with iStatus ChangeDetection. iStatus establishes a network baseline and automatically documents critical network attributes such as the DNS servers that are in use, the MAC address of the default gateway, and the IP addresses of servers and other network devices.

iStatus® then monitors your network 24/7 and alerts you when it detects a critical network security change, such as an alteration to the DNS, indicating a isconfiguration, or worse, a possible cyber attack.

iStatus ChangeDetection

iStatus Events inform you what happened, when, and what are the likely causes.

Detect Critical Gateway Security Changes

All the devices on a network segment send data to the default gateway, which in turn forwards that traffic to other servers or to the Internet. When hackers gain access to secure networks, they frequently launch a MIM (Man-in-the-Middle) attack where the hacker masquerades as the default gateway. Instead, ChangeDetection alerts you when it notices changes to your gateway to help you thwart MIM style attacks.

Detect Critical DNS Security Changes

Changes in DNS servers can be an indication of DNS hijacking, which hackers use to redirect unsuspecting users to servers that act as normal servers, but instead are designed to harvest credentials. In turn, hackers can then leverage those credentials to attack. Instead, ChangeDetection also alerts when it notices changes to your DNS. DNS changes could mean a possible misconfiguration or an attack, so iStatus suggests the appropriate actions to take.

Add iStatus ChangeDetection, a valuable security layer, to your network

iStatus ChangeDetection is bundled with iStatus ArpWatch and included in iStatus Packages containing iStatus Security