iStatus Pinpoint™

Delivering Precise Network Failure
Detection & Remedy

Reduce Time, Frustrations, & Costs

Eliminates lengthy troubleshooting, and saves a LOT of IT resources, time, frustration, and expenses.

Pinpoint the exact point of failure

Autonomously monitors the path to the Internet and pinpoints the exact cause of your lost connectivity.

Pinpoint provides useful information to help resolve the issue

Provides solutions based on the identified cause and suggests how to best resolve the issue and restore connectivity- reducing IT stress.

How Patent-Pending iStatus Pinpoint is Changing the Game for Network Troubleshooting

iStatus Pinpoint, an add-on feature of iStatus, further utilizes the AI-powered functions of iStatus to monitor and detect which portions of network segments are experiencing a network interrupting connection failure. Pinpoint allows vastly improved connectivity services to be seamlessly delivered while simultaneously reducing downtime and labor costs.

By identifying the point of network failure, Pinpoint prevents the need for lengthy and costly troubleshooting. Pinpoint monitors the Internet paths coming in and out of your network 24/7. In the event that an outage occurs that will impact business operations, Pinpoint prevents the need for costly IT diagnostics and reduces labor costs through automation (even on weekends and holidays).

Pinpoint Example

Pinpoint monitors your connections to & from the Internet to identify the exact point of failure. In the examples above, the top bi-directional path is experiencing an interruption, creating an ongoing event in iStatus to resolve the issue. The bottom bi-directional path shows a healthy connection to and from the Internet.

Remotely identify issues

Remotely Identify Issues

React fast

React Fast To Network Issues

Reduce Costs

Reduce IT Costs & Troubleshooting

Transform The Way You Troubleshoot - Easily Pinpoint The Issue