Out With the Old & In With the New

With the digital appeal of a VoIP (voice over IP) phone system, many businesses are transitioning away from POTS (plain old telephone) connectivity and from copper (time-division-multiplexed connections). AkativeSD empowers companies and telephony providers to quickly implement Zero Downtime™ connectivity and ensure that VoIP phone systems maintain reliable connectivity. Our AkativeSD product line has several models which utilize one or more backup Internet connections in conjunction with our iStatus® platform to provide highly reliable connectivity for modern VoIP/SIP and teleconferencing applications.

Solutions To VoIP Transition Challenges

As companies transition to VoIP/SIP, a common problem is when Internet congestion occurs. We frequently hear from telecommunications companies frustrated when ISP issues make their VoIP solutions look bad. They do everything perfectly, and everything works perfectly until it suddenly doesn’t work. These problems can happen at any time of the day, and without the proper monitoring technologies, it is difficult to understand and diagnose them.

AkativeSD solves all these connection problems by providing turn-key solutions that deliver Zero Downtime™ connectivity for these critical VoIP/SIP applications. AkativeSD is an integrated SD-WAN solution that implements two or more data connections and can utilize one or the other or both connections simultaneously. The result is that when congestion occurs on a primary connection, calls are instantly routed over backup data connections, resulting in excellent call quality at all times. In addition, calls are never dropped, call quality is never degraded.

By combining the experience of local telephone providers with the power of the iStatus monitoring platform and Akative-SD solutions, telecom providers can deliver solutions that work 24/7. This results in happy customers and a radical reduction of support calls.

iStatus Visibility for POTS Replacement Connections

iStatus provides a monitoring and management framework, allowing telecommunication providers to have visibility to the data connectivity across all their customers regardless of what brand of firewalls, routers, switches, and phone technologies are used.

Within our iStatus connectivity management platform, we have patented and patent-pending technologies which provide:

  • Continuous ConnectionValidation™ to ensure that the connections supporting your VoIP systems are working
  • CongestionDetection™ to detect network congestion events
  • SD-WAN FlowTracking™ technology to track the flow of traffic during SD-WAN traffic steering events,
  • Built-in network performance monitoring (NPM™)
  • Apps for iOS, Android, and PC
  • And much more

Interested In Selling AkativeSD as a Telecom Provider?

Akative has a reseller model where we support telecommunication providers and enable you to have an opportunity to provide these valuable services and remain looped into all your customers with monitoring and alerts. This creates a value-added opportunity enabling our MSP partners to become resellers of data services along with the hardware necessary to keep customers connected.

All these things are backed by the excellent US-based software development and support team at Akative. We provide the heavy-lifting services necessary to provide pre-configured hardware and offer live-in-five™ assisted deployment so that deployment is easy. During deployment, we can help identify signal strength, signal quality, or bandwidth issues and assist by changing data carriers on the fly as needed.

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