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Akative Goes Beyond Failover

Akative goes beyond failover solutions with a team of dedicated experts in technology and connectivity. We hold multiple patents with additional ones pending, and our team has decades of knowledge and experience. Both our team and our solutions are invested in keeping your business online 24/7. We’ve already helped businesses achieve millions of hours of uptime and are actively working towards self-remediate solutions using advanced AI/ML/DL to reduce the need for human intervention and lower labor costs.

Supported by certified experts
Akative solutions are preconfigured and managed for you

What Sets Our Team & Solutions Apart

Akative provides complete solutions with everything you need: the correct hardware, connectivity, support, static IP, PCI/HIPAA compliance integration, and monitoring to ensure better service. Moreover, we preconfigure our solutions to meet each network’s needs to ensure the solution works. As a result, we don’t offer off-the-shelf/cookie-cutter/one-size-fits-all solutions that you have to configure yourself and might not work properly with your network.

Akative supports our solutions and partners/customers. We provide our Forever Warranty™ and manage all of our solutions to keep them updated, working, and secure – something other providers and DIY solutions don’t do. In addition, our team of experts (not a third-party call center or automated phone system) help with deployment/setup, additional configuration, and any other ongoing support you may need.

Akative Vs. DIY Devices

Akative Solutions Go Above & Beyond With:

complete connectivity solutions

Complete Solutions

multiple carrier options

Multiple Carriers

Akative customizes solutions for you


real-time visibility of connections

Real-Time Visibility

supported by certified experts

Expert Support

unified monthly billing

Unified Billing

Akative 4G LTE/5G Connectivity vs. Carriers

Akative partners with most of the major cellular carriers for better coverage throughout the U.S. and can offer data to our partners/customers for less than what the cellular carriers sell directly to the average consumer.

Have multiple locations that need different carriers? No problem! Akative provides the best carrier for each location. Need multiple carriers for a single location? We can do that too! These aren’t things carriers offer; after all, carrier A won’t sell carrier B’s services. If you need both, you’ll have to buy them separately, manage them separately, and have separate bills for them. Akative solutions unify everything so that you can buy them together, manage them in a single dashboard, and have a single monthly bill.

Lastly, with our connectivity management platform, iStatus®, Akative allows you to pool your data across all of your locations and carriers into one giant pool of data to help reduce the risk of overages.

Akative Vs. Cellular Carriers
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Patented iStatus ConnecitonValidaiton & Reports

Patented iStatus ConnectionValidation™ & Reports

Patented & Unique Product Features

Don’t settle for only knowing your data usage. Akative failover solutions include iStatus and the patented iStatus feature, ConnectionValidation™. In addition to data usage, iStatus enables you to see both the primary and secondary connection simultaneously in real-time. ConnectionValidation continuously tests and validates the connections to know if they are online, offline, or experiencing issues. iStatus has multiple features and provides critical information to help you manage your connectivity, troubleshoot, and keep your network secure. Get more information. 

Akative failover solutions are designed to automatically failover/failback without human intervention. In addition, we’ve done extensive research on firewall compatibilities to offer solutions that don’t have the other vendors’ problem that we call “sticky failover,” where connections failover but don’t switch back to the primary after it comes back online.

We offer solutions designed for SD-WAN traffic with granular control to steer portions of the network traffic over the backup connection when the primary is experiencing issues. This is useful for traffic that is latency sensitive such as VoIP, video conferencing, POS systems, and more, to eliminate things like intelligibility issues, lag, and dropped calls.

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