How Sticky Failover Can Leave Your Business Stuck Spending Too Much

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Failover is an excellent way for businesses to implement redundant Internet connectivity. Failover or backup Internet connectivity is most commonly done over a 4G LTE/5G Internet connection. However, when not implemented properly, high amounts of data may be consumed resulting in a costly bill.

In competing solutions, it’s common for hardware to have automatic failover technology. This allows backup 4G LTE/5G connections to kick in when there are issues or failures on the primary connection for a business. But when the primary Internet connection resumes to a stable state, competing hardware lacks failback capabilities. This creates what’s commonly known as sticky failover.

When sticky failover occurs, a business will remain on their failover connection, despite the primary connection resuming to a stable level. What this causes is unnecessary, overconsumption of 4G LTE/5G data. Sticky failover can leave businesses stuck, spending too much for a vital part of their business without even knowing it.

How Sticky Failover Solutions Work

How Akative Failover Solutions Work

Akative failover solutions easily mitigate against sticky failover by including automatic failover and failback technology. Additionally, with built-in monitoring, Akative solutions can detect when primary connections are stable enough to switch the Internet traffic back from the 4G LTE/5G failover. Akative solutions help businesses get the connectivity they need without resulting in unnecessary data usage and costs. We hope offering this information helps your business avoid the pitfalls of sticky failover and choose the right provider when it comes to connectivity needs.

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