Top Benefits of Using an IoT iStatus Probe for Edge Networks

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​An embrace of edge networking as the next significant paradigm shift in IT has resulted in a new host of challenges for businesses. Customers are turning to Akative for a differentiated portfolio and are adopting our solutions to drive their digital transformation faster and faster. In addition, technology trends that are shaping the IT industry are aligned directly with our strategy to provide Connectivity as a Service through our iStatus® Connectivity Management Platform.

We’ve seen many businesses move fully to the cloud while others are in hybrid-cloud models where portions of their workloads are in the cloud and portions are in legacy on-prem systems. This is driving an increasingly complicated infrastructure and IT teams need to be responsive to provide robust connectivity at the edge. iStatus addresses these challenges head-on by enabling edge network monitoring with a low-cost, IoT-based, hardware probe and the best platform for that visibility.

Edge connectivity is crucial because the edge is the primary locality where users are creating the new data. As a result, this is also driving a need for secure connectivity to that multi-cloud experience. Customers seeking to capitalize on these market trend opportunities continue to turn to iStatus as the platform of choice for scalable Connectivity as a Service.

iStatus Probe Advantages

Deployment and Maintenance Advantages

  • iStatus probe is network hardware agnostic and integrates with any network equipment
  • Works in networks with heterogenous devices / vendors
  • Monitor WAN health and connectivity
  • iStatus probes can be deployed as IoT sensors on multiple VLANs
  • Preconfigured hardware allows for easy plug-and-play out of box experience that works on any network
  • Easy to deploy across many locations / networks without extensive IT knowledge
  • Zero configuration templates enable businesses of all sizes to utilize the iStatus management/monitoring services
  • Monitor as a LAN client to ensure routing and firewall rules are effective

Security Advantages

  • Run iStatus as a standalone IoT security product to detect new devices, detect DNS / gateway changes, and detect data leaks
  • Small security footprint IoT device; our probe doesn't run a web server and only initiates outbound traffic which makes it hard to compromise
  • Highly secure with no open ports or services

Cost Advantages

  • Pinpoint network issues and reduce total cost of ownership while improving recovery time
  • Fully managed with updates to software and firmware — zero labor cost on your end
  • Eliminate server and OS management for network monitoring; erase all associated security and patch management costs
  • Extremely reliable, using a fanless design — providing more stable life-cycle management and device longevity
  • Environmentally friendly - low energy usage, minimal CapEx, and efficient hardware footprint for a cost-effective replacement

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