How Connectivity Is Driving IoT-Enabled Banking & Insurance Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly being adopted as the next significant innovation in financial and insurance services. It is a growing network of connected devices, utilized daily to send and receive banking, financial, and customer data all over the world. Customers are using smart devices to access their account data in real-time. This allows financial institutions and insurance companies to understand how their customers are utilizing services.

In this way, the ‘bank of things’ or ‘insurance of things’ can become a powerful facilitator to increase customer loyalty, and in turn, bring more business to banks. However, the constant accessing of data further underscores the need for reliable connectivity at all times.

Connectivity Solutions For BFSI

Whether you have bank tellers, financial advisors, or on-the-go insurance agents, Akative offers connectivity solutions that support simple and complex office networks. We offer one of the world’s leading 4G LTE/5G backup Internet services, RocketFailover®. RocketFailover keeps office environments connected when the Internet goes down with an automatic LTE failover connection. With RocketFailover, your employees and your customers won’t notice any interruptions to their connectivity and can continue to be productive or can access their accounts as usual.

When paired with iStatus® Connection Monitoring, we take the guesswork out of network and connectivity issues. iStatus allows offices to see exactly when, where, and why issues occurred so that you can contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get the issue resolved. iStatus is ideal for multi-location businesses or single-location businesses that want network insights all in one spot to allow for easy management.

Additional BFSI Products


4G LTE/5G Internet designed for rural/remote, mobile, & temporary network applications - includes specialized hardware, monitoring, support & cellular data plan.

Akative RPM™

Easily add 4G LTE/5G-based RPM to any network to securely login and reboot equipment from anywhere via a dedicated 4G connection with a static public IP address.

Connectivity As A Service™ Support

Akative acts as a single partner for the management and support related to each aspect of your business connectivity so you can focus on what matters.

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