Increase Connectivity - Reduce Support Time & Costs

Does your business depend on Internet connectivity and cannot afford downtime? Like many Healthcare, Military, Government, and E911 environments, you need a high-availability solution that is secure and will keep your critical applications online. Akative HA (High-Availability) does this and more.

In addition to providing secure connectivity, Akative HA makes it easier to manage your network through secure, remote access to the network devices. With alerts from iStatus® (our network performance monitoring platform), your management team will know what issue(s) are occurring on specific devices. This allows quick resolution of any issue(s). Your management team can then remote into network devices with HA to reduce the time and cost spent on support.

Easily Add HA To Your Existing Network!

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Akative HA Details

Akative HA is a turn-key, fully redundant version of RocketFailover Complete Security™. This solution provides a fully redundant firewall cluster, optional redundant core switching, and easily replaceable WAN switching with preconfigured cold-spare switches. Akative HA is designed for business and government locations that depend on Internet connectivity and cannot afford downtime. This solution allows your IT team or your MSP, to remotely access your network and dramatically reduce downtime when Internet connections or equipment failures occur. Akative HA can be sized appropriately to any size business by using different firewalls.

Top applications include Business, Healthcare, Military, Government, E911 and others who need a high-availability solution.

Add Managed Connectivity as a Service

Akative CaaS support can be added to any Akative failover solution. CaaS provides eyes-on monitoring of your connectivity and connectivity resolution support services. When connections fail, Akative can provide complete end-to-end support, remediating the issue, or can provide various levels of support to assist your team in resolving connectivity issues. By using the CaaS support team at Akative, you directly reduce your labor costs and dramatically reduce your MTTR (Mean Time To Recover) in the event of a connection failure.