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Enabling Next-Gen Connectivity as a Service™

iStatus provides an essential glue-layer for businesses to integrate many forms of connectivity, using different broadband, cellular and satellite vendors and provides an essential layer of visibility across multiple businesses, locations, data carriers, hardware, and networks.

iStatus also brings powerful tools to monitor critical connections, devices, cloud services, and also provides essential tools that enable businesses to know what devices are on the network and to detect low-level network attacks. iStatus is user-friendly and non-technical; with constant connectivity management at your fingertips, iStatus takes the guesswork out of traditionally costly IT management.

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iStatus is carrier and device agnostic

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iStatus Probe

Compact, Low-Energy, IoT ​​iStatus Probe

Easy-To-Deploy iStatus Probe

  • A compact, powerful, ready-to-deploy IoT device
  • Highly secure with no open ports or services
  • Extremely reliable, using a solid-state design
  • Environmentally friendly - low energy usage & minimal hardware footprint
  • Akative manages software & firmware updates – zero labor costs for you
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How iStatus is Transforming Business Management

Over the past few decades, the Internet has gone from being a thing you connected to, to a thing we depend on to always be available. Technology has advanced from modems to broadband, direct-fiber, 4G LTE, 5G, and now worldwide high-speed satellite connectivity.

At Akative, our focus is delivering iStatus® to serve as the world's best connectivity management platform that enables businesses with Connectivity as a Service™. iStatus also enables MSPs, ISPs, ISVs, Government, Military, and everyday businesses to quickly integrate connectivity of any type, across thousands of customers, with hundreds of thousands of locations using a variety of hardware and data vendors.

iStatus CaaS (Connectivity as a Service) provides eyes-on management and monitoring of all business-critical applications and connectivity. With CaaS, Akative acts as a single partner for the management and support related to each aspect of your business connectivity.

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Key Features: Manage & Monitor What Matters Most to Your Business

Essential Monitoring

Essential data connectivity monitoring so that businesses know that outlying locations are online.

Monitor Data Usage

Data usage monitoring across multiple locations, multiple devices, and multiple data carriers.

ConnectionValidation - Test & Validate Connections

Proactive testing of backup data connections utilizing patented ConnectionValidation™ technology.

iStatus FlowTracking - Steer SD-WAN traffic

Patented SD-WAN FlowTracking™ enables businesses to monitor SD-WAN traffic flows across hundreds or thousands of locations.

Network Performance Monitoring For Critical Applications & Devices

iStatus NPM™ (Network Performance Monitoring), enables businesses to know that cloud hosted apps and network devices are available across all locations using patented CongestionDetection™.

IntelligentAlerts - Stay Informed 24/7

Intelligent AI & ML based alerts provide insight into network operation and bring network information down to a point where managers and other key stakeholders also have visibility.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring using iStatus ArpWatch™ and DNS Change Detection™ so that businesses can detect rogue devices or other critical security changes.

Pinpoint exact point of failure

iStatus Pinpoint™ to detect the precise point of connection failure and remedy a solution to conserve on costly troubleshooting.

iStatus Packages


Ideal for small businesses & those who need basic connectivity monitoring


Ideal for SMBs & those who desire more network security monitoring


Ideal for enterprise businesses & those who need advanced reporting

Live-in-Five™ remote install assistance Everything in Essentials Plus: Everything In Professional Plus:
Remote equipment support, updates, & warranty iStatus ChangeDetection™ Monitor up to 20 targets for NPM/DDLD
Phone/email support (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST) iStatus ArpWatch™ iStatus FlowTracking™ of SD-WAN traffic
Data alerts via email, web, & app iStatus DDLD™ Up to 12-months of audit logs with historical data
Multi-site data tracking & uptime tracking iStatus Pinpoint™ Advanced NPM Reporting
IntelligentAlerts™ with Business Hours Monitor up to 10 targets for NPM/DDLD iStatus Internet Health Report
iStatus Signal-IQ™ (monitor signal strength) Location-level on-demand & recurring reports Network Security Compliance Reporting (coming soon)
StickyFailover Detection™ (stuck traffic) Deployment Templating  
ConnectionValidation™ 3-Months of audit logs with historical data  
iStatus NPM™ for 1 target    
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How iStatus CaaS is Empowering MSPs, ISPs, & ISVs

iStatus integrates information from data carriers with information from hardware vendors with real-time and historical network monitoring, customer information, and our iStatus platform.

As a service provider, you have a variety of customers. Those customers each have unique needs with unique data requirements, and they may have a preference for specific cellular providers and hardware providers. iStatus enables your MSP business to deploy a consistent monitoring and management layer across their whole customer base.

In short, iStatus is the glue that allows MSPs, ISVs, and ISPs to offer iStatus Connectivity as a Service™ to better manage customers and help improve business-critical applications.

Why we built iStatus and how iStatus benefits your business

How iStatus works to revolutionizes network connection monitoring; making it easy

Network monitoring made easy with iStatus NPM; monitor various network components on both your LAN and WAN segments

Monitor the devices accessing your network and quickly detect unapproved devices with iStatus ArpWatch

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