iStatus® NPM (Network
Performance Monitoring)

All-In-One AI Monitoring
For Your Network Health

Monitor Connectivity

Monitor Connectivity to Your Cloud Apps (POS, PMS, EHR, etc.), Network, & IoT Devices

Detect Insufficient Bandwidth

AI Engine Detects Instances of Insufficient Bandwidth

Analyze Connection Health

Analyzes Connection Health, Detecting Both Short & Sustained Congestion Issues

Dashboard, Alerts, & Reporting

Managed Dashboard, Alerts, & Reporting for Large Enterprises

We Monitor Your IT Infrastructure for Massive Savings

The operational efficiency of your business' network underpins your success with daily operations. Business networks today have become increasingly complex and support countless operations and network-connected devices. Monitoring all of these aspects is logistically challenging, expensive, and requires around-the-clock management.

iStatus NPM (Network Performance Monitoring) delivers massive savings versus competing solutions. By solving these management challenges with revolutionary AI technology, iStatus NPM gives coveted insight into your network.

As IT infrastructure monitoring technology, iStatus NPM provides valuable insight (that no one else can provide) to each tier of management so that issues with daily operations or customer-facing transactions can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

iStatus Probe

  • Plug-&-Play
  • Compact, Low-Cost Hardware
  • Low-Power, ‘Green’ Device
  • Each Probe Monitors 10 Targets

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iStatus NPM Latency Graphs

Application Performance Monitoring

iStatus NPM acts as an Application Performance Monitoring device by measuring the performance of web applications, services, API’s, and infrastructure from the vantage point of an end-user. Additionally, iStatus application performance monitoring functionality is distributed geographically and can notice issues affecting many locations, many services, or geographic chunks of clients serviced by a web application, service, API, or infrastructure. One example of where iStatus Application Performance Monitoring is useful would be for a business using web-based applications. iStatus allows this business to monitor their web-based application and understand if issues are occurring on the platform level or connectivity level.


iStatus NPM provides Web App Performance Monitoring/Web App Health Monitoring by tracking intermittent and sustained network congestion issues that weren’t previously observable by IT staff. For example, in hotels, guests would notice a slow Internet connection and write bad hotel reviews. Instead, iStatus NPM notices congestion issues and sends an alert to IT staff to help identify where the problem is and what may be causing it. ­This knowledge helps IT staff to intelligently apply solutions such as Quality of Service (QoS), rate limiting, or add bandwidth when necessary.

Historical Reporting & Trend Analytics

iStatus NPM provides timeline reporting to allow insights to be correlated and sends alerts when networks become increasingly unusable or congested over time (degradation) — allowing executives and operation teams to understand if network issues are users, IoT devices, and other critical systems.

NPM reporting provides historical and periodical analysis of network performance issues on LAN and WAN network segments. We measure these in terms of quantity, frequency, and duration of sustained and intermittent congestion events. With this reporting, C-suite executives can set standards, measure performance, and build initiatives to bring the locations that are underperforming up to desired compliance. 

Historical Reporting

Industry-leading brands across hospitality, retail, convenience stores, franchises, and more use iStatus NPM to improve network health.

Key Cloud Applications

Key Cloud Applications (POS systems, PMSs, EHR, etc.) 
Detects performance issues or outages for WAN applications such as Point of Sale/payment processing systems, Property Management Systems, Electronic Healthcare Records, APIs, and more so that they can be quickly resolved and GMs can remain confident that daily operations are unaffected.

Internet CongestionMonitoring™

Internet CongestionMonitoring™
Determines whether a connection becomes saturated due to short or sustained congestion issues resulting in poor Internet performance. This is especially important for high-usage networks like guest WiFi networks in hotels and apartments. With insight into the connections' performance, IT staff can quickly learn the cause of the congestion and apply the best solution to resolve the issue.

Key Local Resources

Key Local Resources 
Detects failures on key LAN equipment like servers, switches, NAS, firewalls, Point Of Sale system hardware, and IoT sensors, enabling managers to request immediate maintenance. 

Bandwidth Sufficiency

Bandwidth Sufficiency 
Detects instances of insufficient bandwidth so you know if you need to acquire more. iStatus notifies IT staff of bandwidth issues before guests complain about slow Internet and give bad reviews.

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity 
Detects when your primary and secondary Internet connections go online to help prevent sticky failover. IntelligentAlerts™ are sent to key stakeholders like GMs and IT staff so that Internet connectivity can be quickly restored and Internet-reliant operations are resumed. When paired with ConnectionValidation™, a patented iStatus technology, connections are continuously tested and validated to ensure your connections are available when needed.

Monitor Protocols
iStatus is able to monitor devices, websites, and web applications on LAN and WAN network segments. This capability is provided via PING (ICMP) and/or HTTP/HTTPS. IT teams can now monitor the uptime of local devices alongside monitoring the accessibility of cloud resources and API’s from the perspective of a user at an individual location. It eliminates costly troubleshooting time for geographically distributed users/cloud applications and instead provides status codes to identify where and what the problem is.

How to Acquire iStatus NPM

iStatus NPM add-on licensing acts as an IT infrastructure monitoring tool. iStatus basic functionality provides 24/7 monitoring and reporting, push notifications, email alerts, and ConnectionValidation™ to allow your business to stay ahead of IT problems. With iStatus NPM added functionality, each iStatus probe is able to monitor up to 10 targets. A target consists of one IP address, hostname, or website monitored via PING/HTTP/HTTPS.

Ready To Add NPM To Your iStatus Dashboard?

Quickly add NPM to your iStatus Dashboard through our online store and start monitoring your network performance in no time.